Here are some things I've made for bands and artists to sell at shows.

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⇐ Mariella at K asked me to design a shirt for our Mirah and Spectratone International West Coast tour in Summer 2008. Typeface adapted from ‘Crazy Harold,’ with squash blossoms.

⇐ ⇑ My son Isaac (who recently turned 6) and I collaborated on two “cello monster” designs for Lori Goldston's tour with Earth and Wolves in the Throne Room this spring.

Lori did a tour across the country in 2009. I made a number of items, some with this charming logo from her favorite rosin manufacturer. Some of the printing I did on the road. The notebook is saddle-stitched. I also made accordion-style wallets for business cards. This is a child's shirt; the adult shirts are red with black ink. ⇓

⇑ For Mirah and Spectratone International's Share This Place performance. The bugs are Britta Johnson's sketches, and the typeface is after Radiant, by Robert Hunter Middleton, a great unsung type designer.

Nina Frenkel made this illustration of the creepy clergyman for Germaine Dulac's The Seashell and the Clergyman. I made the shell background (with glow in the dark ink) and printed these shirts for a presentation of this surrealist classic at Cinema Borealis in Chicago in May. ⇒